Doctors visit, my time with my son, I will enjoy, hell of high water.

I visited the doctor yesterday, my pain is too much now, I couldn’t do the washing up, load the washing machine, cope with standing long enough to make his bottles and it was getting too painful having my boy on my lap to feed him his bottle.

Feeling like I couldn’t appreciate the time I had with my son or be a decent mother to him was really hard to manage. Doctors don’t want me on any kind of pain medication at all, constant use of pain killers isn’t good for your body, I understand that, however, now I am a parent, I can’t not do certain things to avoid getting into pain, I can’t not feed my son because it hurts, I battle on and then spend the time between his needs suffering too much to play or cuddle him.

I have expressed my need for quality time with my son, I have still not been put back onto the morphine I used to be on, but am trailing a new medicinal patch, which slowly releases a pain killer drug through the skin, similar to a nicotine patch.

I will be posting soon about good tools to use to have quality time with your child when you are sore or such like, what tools I use to help me doing the simple but important things that I find painful. I am looking forward to showing you these techniques and tools, I so wish I had some more information about these things while I was pregnant, I hope someday this helps someone in my situation.

My son is stirring wanting his evening snack so this will need to wait!


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