Why did I cry when I found out I was having a boy?


When we had our first 12 week scan, it was a fantastic feeling, seeing the healthy little baby shaped being in my belly. We were both drastically excited to find out if we were having a boy or girl, we so eagerly awaited our 20 week scan.

The sonographer definitely did not need to tell us wether it was a boy or girl, it was plain to see, we had a little fella on the way, it was amazing, seeing how he had grown, he looked all in proportion, the sonographer soon confirmed he was perfectly healthy, my first thoughts were I get to buy some dungarees, and of course, the nappy changes are going to be a little bit more difficult than a girls!

The first thing we did is drive to the shop to buy our baby his first outfit, it was the most enjoyable 5 minute shopping trip I had ever had! Heading home though reality struck, boys like rough housing, playing football, running about and just being boisterous, how can I play the games with him that he is going to love, will he build the same bond with me as he could have done if I was mobile? The tears came, how can I be a good mother when I couldn’t do the normal every day things boys generally find fun? I can’t provide for Ryley financially, I can’t work, if I can’t be a good playmate either what kind of parent would I be?

As time has gone on I realise there are some things I wish I could do with him, that I won’t be able to, but I will try to bring him up from the start as an understanding child, that mummy wants to play and have fun but sometimes, we need to be gentle, and sometimes it may have to wait a day or two, but we can always try find a new activity, I will play to my strengths, I will be finding lots of crafty things to do that we can do together, get messy but still mummy can stay comfortable, puzzles, board games, paints and glue can make fun playtime for both mummy and little one, being a parent means always trying to make it work, and work it will!



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